Domaine Brigand

The estate has been a family business since 1902, producing Bourgogne wines and Crémants de Bourgogne on 10 hectares of vines, with the utmost respect for tradition but with an eye on modernity and the environment We use environmentally-friendly techniques, natural cover planting, harvesting by hand, and ensure the correct treatment of wastewater. In 2003, we created the Ampelopsis museum, a unique wine-tourism site in the Bourgogne region, dedicated to vines and wines in an authentic environment recalling the 13th and 18th centuries. It includes 2000m2 of exhibitions and demonstrations, 2.5 hours of discovery circuits, a collection of 120 grape varieties in France, and 1.5 hours of videos. It provides a cultural, sensoral, temporal and aesthetic journey into the world of vines and wines.

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