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Places to discover history, nature, the vineyard, traditions and the creations of the Chatillonnais. Culture and amazement…
Musée du Pays Châtillonnais - Trésor de Vix

Musée du Pays Châtillonnais The Treasure of Vix A visit to the new museum in the monastic buildings of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Châtillon is an absolute must, for the works on display are truly impressive. The visitor will discover vestiges of Celtic, Gallo-Roman, and medieval civilizations, including the famous Vase of Vix, which dates from the 6th century B.C., and which is one of the most beautiful testimonies of Antiquity. One surprise leads to another, in a space of nearly 2000 square metres : visitors will find themselves immersed in the history of a region whose environment and rich heritage have been carefully preserved.

Cabinet de curiosités/musée des Z'Uns Possible

The "cabinet des curiosités/musée des Z'Uns Possible" exhibits totems, drawings, paintings, skull and mummy collection, gargoyle, entomological boxes and other fossils and quirky objects. It also displays the installation "la boucherie humaine" and an overview of the workshop of the artist Fabien Ansault. This is also: a community cafe, a reading room, a gift shop, a terrace on the banks of the Seine... a place that is constantly changing.

Maison de la Forêt

In the heart of the Pays Chatillonnais, you can find the first interpretation center about the forest. Its exhibits on wood, the forest and its participants, is a place of discovery and information. To explore the whole center, you will need about 1h30 to 2h. Conference-debate, excursion about fauna and flora (orchids, mushrooms, wild berries...), exhibitions, tre climbing, GPS tracks

Musée du vigneron - Domaine Sylvain Bouhélier

On the Cremant road, visit an authentic "vinée" from the XVIIth century. You will discover the tools and methods of the winegrowers and coopers of the past. Anne and Sylvain Bouhélier, winegrowers and local guides, will tell you the story of the Chatillonnais vineyard and its traditions. An educational tour of the cellar will let you discover the secrets of vinification in Burgundy. Booklet for children. The tour can be completed with a guided walk in the vineyard: "de la vigne au vin": from 15/07 to 20/08 on Thursday at 5pm (duration: 1h30) and by appointment the rest of the year. Hiking "Cabanes en pierre sèche au pays du Crémant": guided hike to discover the wine heritage of the Chatillonnais (duration: 3h). By appointment.

Musée-Opéra de la Vénerie

In the heart of the forest of Chatillon, a former cistercian abbey has now become an exceptional Museum-Opera of the Vénerie since 2017. This gives a fresh look on hunting. This permits to create a link between two worlds that usually ignore each other: the Vénerie with its pack of hounds and stables located in the abbey since 1963 and contemporary art. The ambition is to  offer a new look on hunting by replacing it in the heart of nature. To do this, high quality contemporary artists (Pierre Even, Gloria Friedman, Eric Poitevin, Loïc Raguenes), contribute to the project.

OenoCentre Ampélopsis
An original destination to live in family or group, a fabulous adventure into the world of vine to wine in one of the best wine tourism space of France. Located in the Châtillonnais north of Côte d’Or and the gates of the Champagne, we will be happy to welcome you to The Oenocentre Ampelopsis. We wanted to create a cultural space dedicated to the vine and wine in a historic house, cellars of the 13th and 18th Century. This is an educational trip, on 2000 m². we propose a cultural, temporal, technical, sensory and playful learning into the world of wine as a discovery tour, with audio-visual and educational workshops. A trip into the world of the vine to the wine in authentic and family house.

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