Do you wish to discover the Wine Tourism ? Knock on our cellar doors to meet passionate winemakers and their craft. You can taste the sparkling, bubbly and famous Burgundy Cremant !
Domaine Dangin Bruno
After 40 years of champagne-making on the estate he established along with his brothers, Bruno Dangin discovered clay-sandstone soil in Molesme, 2 kilometres south of Aube, ideal for developing his White and Rosé Crémants (sparkling wines). He became involved in organic farming with his children and brings his champagne experience to the sparking wines of Bourgogne.
Domaine Aurélien
Our estate is located in Belan-sur-Ource, a small charming village in Côte d’Or, situated in Pays Châtillonais. We grow approximately 6.5 hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot noir vines on an exceptional slope facing south-southeast, all the while fully respecting the environment. As wine enthusiasts for many years, the estate owners take advantage of their experience and expertise to look after and respect this natural heritage. It is with great pleasure that we welcome and help you discover the subtle and delicate flavours of our different crémant sparkling wines.
Domaine Bouhélier Sylvain
This family estate is located in the heart of the Châtillonais vineyards. You will receive a warm welcome in our traditional winery with vaulted cellar and wine-making museum. Come and share a passion for vines and wines with a wine-grower / local guide and learn about the special features of the Châtillonnais "terroir". The museum houses a collection of tools and implements formerly used by wine-makers and coopers. You can visit the cellars, find out how Crémant de Bourgogne is made and enjoy a guided tour or ramble through the vineyards.
Domaine Brigand
The estate has been a family business since 1902, producing Bourgogne wines and Crémants de Bourgogne on 10 hectares of vines, with the utmost respect for tradition but with an eye on modernity and the environment We use environmentally-friendly techniques, natural cover planting, harvesting by hand, and ensure the correct treatment of wastewater. In 2003, we created the Ampelopsis museum, a unique wine-tourism site in the Bourgogne region, dedicated to vines and wines in an authentic environment recalling the 13th and 18th centuries. It includes 2000m2 of exhibitions and demonstrations, 2.5 hours of discovery circuits, a collection of 120 grape varieties in France, and 1.5 hours of videos. It provides a cultural, sensoral, temporal and aesthetic journey into the world of vines and wines.
Domaine Gillon
Situated in Gomméville on old hillsides with an excellent reputation, our first vines were planted in 1995. Production is 1/4 Chardonnay and 3/4 Pinot Noir. The year 2000 was when we began to produce in our cellars our Crémants de Bourgogne and Bourgogne Blanc; the Bourgogne Rouge and Rosé followed. Activity: Tasting the wines and Crémants of the estate

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